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My top 3 songs for 2020

I am about to admit a bad habit that I have. When someone says something that is a line in a song, I can’t help but burst into that song and repeat the line back. My kids hate it. I can also get the words wrong occasionally which is even more embarrassing.

So given the year that was, we felt a little humour and silly-ness might be called for.

Here are our theme songs for 2020:

Money, Money, Money (Abba 1976)

The song lyrics are not really inspirational but covid19 hit the money nerve!! People have been focussing on reducing debts, having a savings plan and taking a considered approach to spending and investing. Music to my ears!

The times they are a-changing (Bob Dylan 1964)

As you know, this song explains that rapid change is afoot and that one should either help or get out of the way. 2020 has seen incredible change in all facets of life and there is no doubt some areas were easier to adapt to than others. I think we are all sick of hearing the words “adapt” and “pivot” but the word change is a more gentle nod to all that we endured in 2020.

I’m still standing (Elton John 1983)

This simple statement is powerful. We are still here – united, stronger and wiser than before (possibly?). I think we all deserve a pat on the back for getting through such an incredible year.

😊 Wishing you a safe, happy and healthy Christmas.


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